About Us

Lavish Abode

Lavish Abode is a quirky little retail store located in Lilydale on the outskirts of Melbourne near the Yarra Valley. The shop opened in November 2011 after Nikki and Caroline finally decided to make their 15 year old dream a reality. After meeting through work almost 20 years prior and becoming great friends we'd always wanted to open a shop called Lavish, originally the idea was for a florist and home decor shop in the inner city, but with 6 children between us and other commitments opening closer to home and not having the extended hours of a florist was more realistic. We also noted that there was a definite need for a shop like ours in the area, with nowhere to go to get on trend home decor and gifts locally we often travelled into the inner city ourselves to get the goodies we wanted for our own homes.

And so Lavish Abode was born, a bit of the inner city in the outer suburbs! An eclectic mix of provincial, industrial, modern, vintage and eco style for your abode. Our style changes with the trends, but we always make sure that we have something for everyone whether your home is more classical and timeless or bang on trend, we love that our styles are different too, which allows us to mix it up! The shop is ever changing, our displays don't stay the same for long and our customers and the local community love our large window displays.

Nikki Styles

Nikki has over 20 years experience in floristry and giftware. Working in many florists throughout Melbourne's outer east and extensively with dried and artificial flowers too. For over 15 years she has also created amazing wedding flowers for private clients, friends and family. She has a flair for style and is passionate about presentation and the fine details, you'll often find her fixing things no one noticed had been moved around the shop!

Nikki has always been crafty too, she's made beaded jewellery and handmade cards for years to sell at local businesses and through her own party plan. She is also a keen decorator and stylist who loves to get into a project, whether it be renovating, designing and building, upcycling and refurbishing furniture - shes usually got something on the go! And with 4 children too life is never boring and you won't catch her sitting still for long.


Caroline Bywater

Caroline has worked in retail for over 20 years, from the smallest of businesses to larger retailers, generally in creative industries like craft, costumes, flowers and more. She also has a passion for sustainability, loves a product with a good eco story and has also been a coowner of the online store Natural Abode for 5 years. She has sold everything from solar power and rainwater tanks to folk art and dried flowers over the years and managed up to over 20 staff, learning a multitude of business skills along the way.

She is also crafty and has dabbled in just about any art and craft you can think of, learning many floristry skills from Nikki, teaching herself how to draw and paint, make dream catchers, jewellery, mosaics, woodwork, knit, sew and more over the years. Caroline loves visual merchandising and keeping up with the latest trends and styles. She is also all over the technological side of retailing and sets up all the POS and online store, as well as being on top of our social media. Caroline has 2 children, her youngest with Type 1 Diabetes so you'll often find her still up at 2am testing blood sugar and answering emails!